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Baby showers are extra special occasions. These events call for careful planning and going all out. There is nothing more exciting than celebrating and awaiting the birth of a new baby. These events also need to held in convenient locations that are safe and secure. A venue birmingham is the ideal venue to host a baby shower.

Choosing a Room

The rooms are available in many different sizes and it is always advisable to choose a larger room - so that guests remain comfortable throughout the day. The rooms at the conference centre will have refreshments available for guests.

Catering Arrangements

Since your guests will be at the venue for quite some time, you should arrange some meals or snacks for them. Most of these venues offer great menus and you can decide on what you will be offering. If you would like to cater for all guests - then you should have a little of everything. Order meals and finger snacks as well as desert to finish off the event in a sweet way.


A baby shower just wouldn't be complete without baby themed party decorations. Once you hire the room at the venue - you will be allowed to put up the necessary decorations. In some cases, the staff at the venue may opt to do it for you. If you want it done a specific way then you should do it yourself. We have all the machinery required to make your baby shower decorations a success with our digital photo printing.

Plan plenty of Games and Activities for Everyone

Make sure that you plan great games for all the guests at the baby shower. People would prefer to join in on the activities - rather than be spectators, so try to give everyone a chance to get involved. You can also reward the winners of each game with a prize. Make it extra special with your own personalised games, we can design and print personalised gifts.

Gifts for Guests

Since all guests will be bringing gifts for mum and baby, it makes sense to give them a little token of appreciation. You can purchase little trinkets or personalised printing goodie bags that you can fill up with sweets and other delicious stuff. Each guest can receive one of these on their way out.

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These amazing events should be held at a classy venue like the Conference Centre Birmingham. Be sure to take lots of pictures of this memorable event and create a scrap book that will last forever.